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About Atlas

About Atlas

Atlas Security is committed to provide security solutions to every sector.

Atlas Security Services Pvt. Ltd., was established in 2013 AD (2070 B.S.), with the purpose of providing security guards, housekeeping and Support Services within the country. The company has been registered and operating under the rules and regulations of Nepal Government. Atlas Security services is enrolled under the taxation Law/VAT. The Company has been Operating under the leadership and guidance of trained, qualified and competent high ranked ex-army officers. We conduct security training to produce qualified and motivated security guards and do refresher training before posting the guards to their duties.

Reasons to choose Atlas

  • Keeping in view the above-mentioned ideas, we train our guards to render quality security services wherever they may be posted. It is our primary responsibility to impart security instructions and training periodically and inculcate a sense of discipline among the guards, so that they will be responsible towards their duty with most dedication and commitment.
  • We recruit ex-servicemen from Army, Police and Armed Police Force on priority basis who are physically and mentally fit.
  • In order to render our services “par-excellence” we employ the most deserving ex-servicemen with exemplary character. However, to help reducing the increasing unemployment problem, we enroll a limited number of promising civilian candidates and offer them appointments after only rendering necessary training in our institutions which is also a part of CSR.
  • We help to serve and maintain congenial atmosphere with a view to relieve you from the security tension and worries so that you can promote your business of your organization.
  • Our servicemen are aware about how to liaison with police/government authority if required.
  • In case of absence of guards, substitute will be provided by the office immediately as informed.
  • To ensure that our men are working effectively, we have regular patrolling units inspecting regularly.
  • We implement security plan on the nature of company and its surrounding area.
  • If any natural disaster or crime is in notice or occurred, necessary help can be received by immediate information. As the information comes, we can provide “Free Extra” security force in any emergency.


Through providing reliable, functional, high quality and cost-effective integrated security solutions through our team of industry experts, Atlas Security aims to meet regional and global demand. In accordance with international and local security laws and standards, our technologies operate under common security principles.


Through emphasizing on customer support and by being profitable, effective and competitive, Atlas Security strives to be at the forefront of the security industry. We aim to lead and advance the security industry in every aspect of our business.


To provide security in corporate organization, social organization, individual, individual’s property, semi-governmental organization and governmental organization as a partial help to meet the government’s objectives to this time-tested need in insecure sectors.

Priority of Area

  • Manned Security (Personal body guards)
  • INGOs & NGOs
  • Governmental &Non-governmental Organizations
  • Foreign Diplomatic Institutions
  • Projects
  • Financial Institutions such as Banks, Finance, Co-operative, etc.
  • Embassy
  • Factories & Industries
  • Multinational Companies
  • Showrooms
  • Hotels
  • Movie Theatre
  • Educational institution such as School & College
  • Residential buildings
  • Apartments
  • Hospital
  • Shopping Mall
  • Shopping Complex, etc.
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