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Private security is needed accordingly to the situation.

Some people needs private security.

Private Security

  • A type of public safety officer who surveys assigned areas / properties surveys assigned areas / properties for illegal activities, suspicious behavior, or dangerous situations.
  • Work in many venues
  • No particular education requirements, high school diploma or equivalent - usually required.
  • Training varies with the employer, but most guards undergo a period of instruction after hiring.
Communication through the radio should be Short.

Communication is performed in a technical pattern.

Communication Procedure and Use of Radio

  • Health and Safety at work
  • Protection
  • Procedure to improve Health and Safety
  • Long distance communication
Everybody cannot get acess everywhere due to security.

Acess in a place is given accordingly.

Access Control

  • It is controlling over people
  • It is controlling over vehicles.
  • It is controlling over information
  • It is controlling over materials.
Emergency Dealing can be really challenging.

Emergency situatuion will be very different with each other.

Dealing with emergency Situation

  • Supervisor is the in charge of safety and security of the facility
  • Supervises the guard in their work
  • Controls Emergency situation and Informs Shift Commander immediately
Fire can cause sever damage in very short time.

Fire can be very dangerous if handled carelessly.

Fire and Fire Fighting Procedure

  • Shout FIRE FIRE and also blow Whistle
  • Immediately pull the nearest fire alarm pull station as you exit the building.
  • Inform Post Supervisor , Senior Supervisor or Shift Commander immediately
  • Switch Off the Main Electrical Circuit Breaker
  • Try to extinguish the fire by using the Fire Extinguisher
Can be effective with less security personal.

Security in your absense.

Surveillance System

  • Watching/ monitering the enviroment
  • Take full control of the place in the absence of guards.
Regular update in any security reason.

Keeps you update everytime.

Reporting System

  • Analyzed the enviroment or palce.
  • Maintain the proper enviroment
  • Update the situation regularly or in fix interval of time
Patrolling security provides the security on the way.

Patrolling is provided during movement/moving

Patrolling Procedure

  • The action of going through or around a town, neighbourhood, etc, at regular intervals for purposes of security or observation
  • Patrolling is a tour around any specific area which is being guarded for the prevention and detection of an kind of problems.
First Aid cand be very useful before doctor's arrival.

First Training can be life saving.

First Aid

  • Helps the people in case of emergency
  • Prepere the injured people to transfer to hospital
  • Provide the medical assistance to available medical personal
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